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PHP SMS Gateway Script Start your own SMS Portal website with SMS Scrip . Developed in PHP and supported by a MySQL database. Its a complete SMS script for those who wants to run a professional Buying & Selling SMS website with all the features that you would expect to be assign a seller i.e, Assign Gateway (Domain) to the Reseller . Its very simple, user friendly and easily manageable for reseller.

Main USB of SMS CMS : While running SMS CMS at any point of time one can buy any other CMS Plugins like Realestate plugins, Matrimonial plugins, Ecommerce plugins, Classified plugins, Directory plugins and can add to it to run all CMS under one roof with Single Login.

SMS CMS Features:


Auto Installation Facility
Easily Updatable keeping existing database intact and absolutely zero down-time for already running website.
All our Products come with multi-Language facility. One can easily translate the default English language into any desired language.
Responsive Designs compatible with any resolutions.
Select and install any desired functionalities through Plugins and manage it from Plugin Manager
Select or Create Unlimited Templates and Manage from Template Manager
Select or create your Own Layout and add functionalities to it through drag and drop widgets for better show in the front-end.
A very strong and powerful Site Settings are provided to Manage the Portal.
  • Email Settings : Set outgoing emails facility either to SMTP or Normal Email Sending through hosted server.
  • SMS Settings: It is the most important plugin in this competitive online business. Integration of SMS Plugin gives an added facility for site owners to smoothen the online business. The emergence of smart phones and the SMs Plugins really give a gentle but yet professional look to the portal and maintain genuinity of the gathered database.
  • Payment Settings: Set available payment gateways like paypal, ccaveunue,, Ebs, DirecPay, Bank Payments etc. Anytime the status of the payment gateways can be changed and make only the desired one be available for clients to process their payment.
  • SEO Settings : The most challenging and important task after launching the website / portal is to notify the whole world about the nature of business your website /web portal does and hence get desired business. SEO Plugin plays very important role in this and gives the facility to add/update, meta title, meta keywords, meta description which then acts with our already SEO optimized coding structure and hence enables the website/web portal to fall in Search Engines like Google, Msn, Yahoo, Bing etc. with greater power.
  • Permalinks: It’s a great module to define your own and clean url format. It helps in SEO a lot and will also avoid duplication of URL format with other websites. Hence it enables your website links to be unique and clean.
  • General Settings : From this module all General details of the webportal can be set like Website Name, Website url, Upload Website Logo, Favicon, Currency, Alternative Currency, Records per page, contact person details including email, telephone, mobile, Social connective details etc.
Its a very important Module of the portal. Following are managed through this :
  • Admin Users : Create unlimited admin users, add different roles, assign individual modules/Plugins to handle and many other.
  • Membership Manager : Through this module user plans can be set and website facilities can be allowed or restricted for better website revenue.
  • Member Manager: The most important module of the portal. You can add any member type like jobseeker, Employers, Affiliates, Builders, Agents..
  • Approvals: This particular module helps in all kinds of approvals. Whether its members, images, photos, ads, jobs etc will be approved through this module.
  • Media Manager : Any images or videos throughout the web portal will be uploaded through this module and it has the excellent facility to call uploaded images/videos wherever you want it to display.
  • Contact Us List: Any queries/enquires through the contact us form will be stored in this module for viewing what being sent to you. The same can be reviewed and then replied through this panel.
Its a module to manage All pages and Links of the portal. It helps in
  • Create unlimited Static Pages.
  • Create unlimited Site Links from Link Manager.
  • Block Keywords plugin give a very strong hold on to filter all unwanted words throughout the portal/website from any section.
In this module you can manage all kinds of outgoing messages whether its Email messages or Sms messages, you have the facility here to Add, Edit or format it.
This is very important and a very cool module. Through this you can not only add normal banners to the portal at different sections like top, bottom, left, right, middle etc. but can also add Google ads through this and hence this module plays very important role to generate extra revenue.
Through this module you can manage all listings of the portal like
  • Company Listings:You can view the registered company details.
  • Job Listings:You can view the list of jobs and their details briefly.
  • Resumes Listing:You can view the jobseeker details and their resume details.
Through this module you can manage product orders list,generate or update invoice and view the payment details,user details & delivery details.
All the miscellaneous things like following can be managed from this module
  • Categories : You can add no. of categories level like main category, sub-category, sub-category2 and so on and manage.
  • Location Manager : Country, states, cities, locality and zip codes can be managed from this.
  • Company Sector:You can add no. of sectors level like main sector, sub-sector, sub-sector2 and so on and manage.
  • Qualification and Specialization:You can add no. of qualification level like main category, sub-category, sub-category2 and so on and manage.
  • And So on

Members Panel

This Module shows the summary of Members Profile and their recent Activities
The module gives following facilities for Members
  • Update Profile
  • Update Company Details (if any)
  • Change Password
  • Email Verify
  • Mobile Verify
  • Logout
The module gives following facilities for Members
  • Buy And Sell can register their details from a highly user friendly registration form marked with highly flexible Ajax validation.
  • Prompt Username availability intimation and Image Validation (Captcha) is added to avoid unnecessary spammers.
  • Notification will be sent to the registered email address consisting of their username and password.
  • Login facilities before accessing their personal admin private area.
  • Can upload and edit / update profile.
  • Single and Bulk Text Messaging.
  • Grouping functionality in our online SMS Provider (i.e Single Click delivers to multiple Numbers).
  • Send the Sender ID to the Multiple Numbers.
  • Save the Massage templates.
  • Online Manage Massage Sender ID
  • Buy SMS in low cost and best price.
  • And Many More...
  • Registration with latest validation facilities.
  • Prompt Username availability intimation and Image Validation (Captcha) is added to avoid unnecessary spammers.
  • Personal admin area accessible through login.
  • Can edit profile, change password… etc.
  • Reseller: It is the most powerful tool/module developed in order to handle clients as the admin panels like, active/inactive, add/remove Credit, Voice-Calls and enable to enter in different plans and set the price.
  • Buy SMS in cheap and best price, and Sell the SMS to our Own Clients With domain name..
  • Client can register their details from a highly user friendly registration form marked with highly flexible Ajax validation.
  • Once they do the above, an e-mail will be sent to respective Clients intimating them about the actions taken by the Resellers for their request.
  • Import files from the Document and CVS.
  • They can at any time upgrade this free membership plan to any of the plans given by the site admin. They can either pay the membership plan fee either through online banking called “PAYPAL” or to the account details furnished by the site admin.
  • Manage PackageThe details of the membership like type, subscribed dated, expiry dated, privileges..etc. from employer’s home page or left menu of their home page.
  • An e-mail about their upgraded membership plans will be mailed to Client.
  • SMS Reseller : can send Single and Bulk SMS to client & other resellers.
  • Email Reseller : can send Single and Bulk Email to client & other resellers.
  • Online Store multiple Contact Number (i.e Single Click deliver to multiple Numbers).
  • Schedule SMS at any required time.
  • Online Manage Massage Sender ID.
  • Reseller can announce some ads/massage through out the website.
  • You can Add/Remove the Credits to Clients.
  • List Seller – Can chick the number of Clients login.
  • Assign seller – Assign Gateway (Domain) to the Client.
  • Banner Manager- A very strong and highly advance Banner Manager System is provided for the site to manage sites ads and banners. The Banner management System will not only upload banners but can also upload and configure your Google ads that you may want to run in your site for generating revenues
  • Users:Assign Gateway (Domain) to the Client and Can register for own customer and also active/inactive the users..
  • Grouping functionality in our online SMS Provider (i.e Single Click delivers to multiple Numbers).
  • Online Save Multiple Massage templates.
  • Chick the SMS balance, Manage Package, transaction Status, and Other Setting.
  • Reseller can announce some ads/massage through out the website.
  • Site title can configure paypal account and other settings.
  • And Many More...
This plugin is basically developed for maintaining the usage details.
  • My Usage:This is a CMS product.Through this details of database usage,no.of jobs posted,active & inactive jobs,no.of applications and plan usage can be viewed.
  • My Response:This is a CMS product.Through this responses can be received for the applications through email or sms.
  • Review & Rating:This is a CMS product.Through this you can review and rate the services.
This plugin is basically developed for personal settings for viewing job portal.
  • Confidentiality Settings:This is a CMS product.Through this the jobseeker can choose the settings to make resume and contact details hidden by all.
  • Default Settings:This is a CMS product.Through this the resume profile,cover letter,photo,video can be set as default which is used while applying a job.
This plugin is basically developed for a user to set a plan.
  • Upgrade Membership Plan:This is a CMS product.Through this an user can view all plans & their benefits and upgrade.
  • My Current Plan:This is a CMS product.Through this an user can view the plan status.

Front End Panel

Through this you can create unlimited static pages for admin...
Any clarification can be made through this.